Success Integration

In our society we are constantly striving for our goals. But what happens when we reach them? We create more and very few people take the time to enjoy what they created or attained. STOP! Take time to enjoy your successes and you will find that life is much more fulfilling.

We often hear celebrities bemoan their success and all the responsibility that comes with it. And don't forget about the lottery curse. The simple fact is that when success comes, whether we have worked hard for it our entire lives, or some happy circumstance has changed our lives for the better, we seldom accept it graciously. We question our good fortune, and are questioned by our peers about our success. What did I do to deserve this? What makes me better than anyone else? We eat away at the joy and happiness that providence saw fit to provide us.

People will see a therapist for depression when it is situational, as in a bad situation. But what do you do for the depression and anxiety that comes with success? You will get little sympathy there from those around you. Success Integrationtm helps you to maintain your success with a level of confidence and happiness befitting your situation. 

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